We support start-ups in the Gulf struggling with Covid-19

Free ERP and CRM for one year

If you are a start-up in the Gulf, you can get ERP and CRM, subscription, localization, customization, support, and hosting FREE for ONE YEAR

ERPGulf is the localized version of ERPNext, with regional hosting and customization

The modules include Accounting, Sales, Purchase, POS, HR, CRM, Payroll, and Manufacturing.

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This video is the first of six-part series, explaining the installation and configuration of ERPNext Farppe version 14.

Six parts covers the following topics

1- Installation of Frappe and ERPNext Version 14 on Ubuntu 22+** \

2- Deploy ERPNext 14 in production mode — Nginx, supervisor**

3- Let’s encrypt for ERPNext 14, DNS, certbot, https, certificates

4- Multiple installation on single server. TCP Ports**

5- Post installation tasks — Cron, Email domain, Backup, etc**

6- Secure your server on multiple levels . On Cloud, Linux and Frappe levels**

Here 11 is the first video of the series https://youtu.be/RU9lXV1sTlI



Our cloud servers for ERPNext are available now in Doha. Hosted in Azure data center in Doha.

Please contact our team for moving your #ERPNext installation from other locations to #Doha at support@ERPGulf.com

Companies want to host their server temporarily in Doha can also contact us. We are offering limited time solutions as well



ERPGulf - - - Whatsapp: 00974-55124924

ERPGulf - - - Whatsapp: 00974-55124924


Customized hosting of ERPNext for the Gulf countries. UAE, Qatar, Saudi, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman. Contact us on sales@ERPGulf.com Call 00974–55124924