ERPNext app for Integration


ERPGulf has released an open source app for integrating Saudi Arabia’s leading WhatsApp messaging provider with ERPNext

It is open source with MIT license, so anyone use with their own ERPNext instances.

You can visit the provider’s site here ( )

The code is available here on GitHub on ERPGulf repository

You can follow standard ERPNext methods for installing apps. Please see it here below

bench get-app

bench — site install-app four_whats_net

bench — site migrate

Now you can see four_whats_net installed on your side. Goto Help->About and make sure you have four_whats_net as shown in the folowing screenshot.

Now you need to setup four_whats_net account.

On search box , type “Four Whats Net Configuration”

Fill URL , Instance ID and Token as you received from

After that you can set channel as and set the notifications as any other channel.

If you have any issues with the App , please let’s know on



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