Saudi e-Invoicing Phase-2 implementation for ERPNext — Release

The purpose of this App is to enable ERPNext user to follow the steps prescribed in the Zatca website.

1- Create XML Document with UBL 2.1 Standard

2- Generate the XML file with Invoice information (Supplier, Customer, Items, calculations)

3- Generate Digest Value for XML hash

4- Generate Digest Value for XADES Signed properties.

5- Generate Signature Value

6- Adding Certificate in UBLextension

7- Generate Xades information

8- Use Zatca API to retrieve a- Recieve Compliance CSID from Zatca through API b- Recieve Production CSID from Zatca through API c- API for reporting and Clearance.

Some features are still under development. We will keep updating this document. For any suggestions and support please contact we wll also update the development on on ERPGulf website.

Please visit the GitHub page for the latest code.



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