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Course name: Technical training for ERPNext. Installation and Configuration.

Description: ERPNext is the most popular and most successful open-source ERP software available. Having trained on ERPNext installation, configuration and support is a necessary skill for system administrators and programmers in this region.

Duration of the course: 6 days. 1–2 hours each day.

Prerequisites of the training:

1-Basic knowledge of Linux commands ( in case you don’t have any experience in Linux, we have another course in partnership with for Linux training )

2-Experience in using any Linux text editor like VI or VIM


We will provide the necessary Cloud instances for training. Cloud server instances will be either Ubuntu, CentOS, or Oracle Linux. Students have the option to select the OS of their choice on personalized training. In general training sessions, we use Ubuntu. We will provide root access to the instance for all students.

Students need to have a laptop with putty or any other SSH client to access the instance. OS can be Windows or Linux. The system needs to have Chrome as the browser to access ERPNext

Course details.

Day 1: Understanding the concepts and the components

Frappe and Frappe Bench


ERPNext Apps

Python and Virtual environment




Installation of all the components above. And install Frappe and ERPNext

Day 2: Hosting ERPNext

Concepts of Supervisor, Nginx, SSL, LetsEncrypt, DNS, A record.

Installation of Supervisor, Nginx and SSl Certificate, DNS Configuration, Certbot

Day 3: Installing multiple sites on the same instance.

Day 4: Configuring ERPNext.

Installing third party Apps on Frappe

Day 5: Live practice sessions for students.

Basic Functional training

Day 6: Live practice sessions for the students.

Basic functional training.

After the course ends, we will continue to provide support for our students for the next three months.

Contact us at for any more details or clarifications. We also conduct for ERPNext functional training for accountants and business owners.



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